"Acts of art" to lluminate the unique history and cultural roots

of people who share the pursuit of freedom and justice.



The Spirit of Women

In Honor of My Mother…and Her Mother Before Her…and Her Mother Before her…  

The Spirit of Women created by Artist and Poet Christle Rawlins-Jackson was inspired by her first experiences inside the Slave Forts in Ghana. Poetry, narrative and song give voice to women of African descent who survived the Middle Passage.

Justice Speaking!

Dramatic Vignettes of people of purpose.

Theatre Artist, Akiba Abaka, directs monologues of individuals portrayed in the Portraits of Purpose exhibit and book that express their unique vision for a “new” Boston, the influences in their lives, and strategies for social change.



A Way Out of No Way!

Tapping into Our Community Resources

Musician and cultural worker, Jane Sapp and Dr. Cynthia Cohen, arts and peace-building educator, offer inspiring and useful cultural resources that tap into the assets and resilience of diverse racial and ethnic communities in the pursuit of justice that bridges us all.


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